Full-time RVing can be a difficult thing to do, and it’s not for everyone.  However, we’ve found a few things that definitely make full-time RVing easier.  They might be pricey, but here are 5 full-time RV camping accessories that are totally worth it.


Solar Power

RV Accesories: Solar Panels


There are many different ways to go about full-time RVing, and each person is going to prefer different things.  If you enjoy boondocking, we’ve found solar panels to be an extremely helpful camping accessory.

A 12V solar panel can cost anywhere from $100-$200, plus installation costs and inverter prices.  It can get pricey, but boondocking can save a ton of many over the long haul, because it’s totally free.

We’ve found solar panels especially useful when we need to run the microwave, cook in the crockpot, or any other basic necessities.  If you ran these off of the batteries, you would lose power within 1 day, because they draw so much out of the batteries.

We have 3 solar panels on the top of our RV, and it cannot run the AC or the heat pump.  We would need another few panels, but we don’t need them for now.

Ultimately, you can start out with 1 or 2 panels, and upgrade as needed, which is one of the reasons that solar panels are a huge bonus for boondocking.


Honey Wagon

RV Honey Wagon


When RVing, you can only go so long before you have to dump the gray and black tanks.  If you’re staying at a place for more than a week, you have to unhook, pack up, and spend an hour plus just dumping the tank.  We’ve run into that before, and it’s extremely annoying.  Why have to take everything down when you’re going to put it back up in an hour anyway?  So, we bought a honey wagon.

Honey wagons are portable dump tanks that you can tow behind your car, or walk, to the nearest dump station.  This eliminates all the hassle of packing up, and you can leave the RV right where it is.

They range from 5-gallon tanks to 50 gallon tanks, for whatever size RV you have.  The cost is upwards of $200 dollars, but when you consider the time savings and convenience of not packing up the RV just to dump, it is well worth the cost.

We won’t decide for you, but overall, honey wagons are a great accessory if you’re staying somewhere for more than a week without full hookups.


8-person tent

We know.  Why would you buy a tent when you have an RV?  All tents are good for are sleeping with the bugs and critters.

Wrong.  Tents can be used for more things than being eaten alive in the dead of night.

We bought an 8-person tent at the beginning of our journey, and it’s one of the best things we have.  We use it as a garage, something we miss from living in our house.  Storage is slim in an RV, so we use the tent for our bikes, containers, and other stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Although a tent works for us, it might not for you.  We recommend shelling out the $100+ if you have bikes, toys for your kids, or toys for you (motorcycles and golf carts) that you need to have protected from the elements while camping.  It’s ultimately a lot cheaper for a tent than it is to get a trailer to store your items.  However, if you don’t have a lot of bikes and toys, we recommend buying a cheap, inexpensive tarp for $10 from Walmart, and pretend it’s a tent.  It still works fine.


Cellular Signal Booster

Drive 4GX RV Cellular Booster

This is something that almost any full-time RVer needs.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a phone is.

We use it to boost our signal so we can upload videos on our YouTube channel, and it’s been extremely useful.  We’ve also used it for normal calls and functions of a normal phone, so it’s great for any full-time RVers.  It magnifies the signal you get by at least 10 times, and we’ve used it many times out west and even on the east coast.

The product states that it can’t boost it if you have no signal. However, we’ve found that even if your phone says no signal, there is still just enough for the signal to boost.  While it won’t be lightning fast, it’s enough to complete basic functions.

We use the Drive 4Gx RV Signal Booster, and it’s boosted 1x signals into 4G speeds.  We definitely recommend purchasing one.


Pressure Cooker

Cosori Pressure Cooker

Before we received our pressure cooker, we used a crock pot a ton.  It was an easy meal, but it took forever. (not really, but it took 6 hours.)  Once we discovered the pressure cooker, we’ve been using it ever since.

The reason we love our pressure cooker is because it essentially is a crock pot, pressure cooker, portable stove, oven, and steamer all in one.  It cooks everything in a fraction of the time that a crock pot does, and it also acts as a regular pot.  This is extremely helpful when we’re low on propane, because you can make pasta, rice, or veggies in it.

Plus, it only costs $70 dollars.  This is the cheapest item on the list, and one of the best if you really like food.  Which we do.  Overall, it’s a great buy, because you can save yourself from having pots, pans, and even a stove if you buy yourself a pressure cooker.



If any of these items might be useful for you, here are some options for you to purchase.

Renogy 100W Solar Panels

Camco Rhino Honey Wagon

Coleman 8-Person Tent

Drive 4GX RV Cellular Signal Booster

Cosori pressure cooker



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