Zolfo Springs wasn’t a place we would normally camp. It was in the middle of a field. With cows. So, yeah, we had cows bumping the RV occasionally.
We were there because our Mom’s cousin had invited us to camp in his cow field in Florida while they were there for a few months in winter. We stayed there about two weeks, and, surprisingly, had plenty of things to do. You wouldn’t think you could entertain yourself for two weeks when you’re camping in a cow field. But, we did.
Our mom’s cousin showed us around Zolfo Springs (which, fun fact, the name comes from all the sulfur in the area, but people couldn’t pronounce ‘Sulfur Springs’ correctly so it became ‘Zolfo Springs’), and he introduced us to a great little strawberry picking farm! I think we went there, like, five times, and the fifth time we went we were greeted by a surprise sign that said “Strawberries FREE. Pick all you want”. Apparently, it was nearing the end of the season for strawberries and they didn’t want them to go to waste! So we picked 5 buckets. It was great! We also learned that down south, they replant strawberry plants every fall, instead of letting the plants reproduce for a few years like they do up north. That was pretty cool.
The dairy farms all around were awesome, too! I never knew they were so huge! We watched them bring different groups of cows in for milking at a time, and then once that group was done they would immediately bring in another. They did that all day, so imagine how many cows they have, because each group had like 30 cows!
Another thing we did was have a lot of campfires (well, more like bonfires). There were a ton of super dry branches in the field from hurricane Irma, so we practically had a fire burning the whole time we were there (at the RV or nearby, of course, to watch it).
It was hot, of course, but the sunsets were beautiful! And, I guess, it would have been a lot hotter if we were there in the summer, so it was nice weather comparably.

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